DANTEX BALTIC company represents interests of manufacturer of HVAC equipment Dantex Industries (UK) on the markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus Republic and Kaliningrad region of Russia.

 DANTEX is a high-quality equipment with advanced technical solutions. DANTEX offers a wide range of products from simple household installations to complex industrial air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems.

Creating a particular product, the manufacturer’s main goal is to release a quality product that will benefit the buyer who wants a simple household conditioner or heater, and a large builder, who chooses advanced technology and reliable equipment in residential, social and industrial sector. 

Today, trademark Dantex is popular and recognizable in many countries. Sales of HVAC equipment each year is gaining momentum. DANTEX BALTIC is interested in expanding the geography of its activities and invites to active co-operation. 

Dantex Industries - has created a reliable HVAC equipment in a segment of "good quality - average price." DANTEX BALTIC - will find for you the best technical solutions, organize logistics and guarantee reliable operation of equipment.