DANTEX BALTIC  was founded in 2011 and operates in the CIS and European markets. We offer you a wide range of ventilation and climate control equipment. DANTEX BALTIC could find for you the best technical solutions, organize logistics and provide guarantees for reliable operation of the equipment.

On the market of Belarus Dantex Baltic is a certified distributor of the Systemair brand - international manufacturer of ventilation and climate control equipment .
Range of Systemair products has grown ­substantially to span a wide range of energy efficient fans, air handling units, air distribution products, air conditioning, air curtains, heating products, equipment for swimming pools and much more. Systemair products are robust and easy to choose, install and use. Systemair group also includes brands Frico, VEAB, Fantech, Menerga and Holland Heating .
The brand Systemair represents a standardized range of ventilation products, developed in Sweden - fans, air distribution products, air handling units and equipment for air conditioning.
Frico brand produce thermal equipment: air curtains, heaters, fan heaters, convectors and other heating equipment.
VEAB develops, manufactures and sells heating devices for ventilation systems, duct heaters and dehumidifiers.
Air handling units produced by Holland Heating are available for the Netherlands market and some European countries. This range of equipment, in addition to the standard units, includes ventilation systems suitable for medical institutuions; as well as specially designed marine ventilation equipment.
Under Menerga brand air handling units are manufactured with extremely high efficiency for comfort ventilation, as well as for swimming pools ventilation.
On the markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and the Kaliningrad region of Russia, DANTEX BALTIC representsinterests of manufacturer of HVAC equipment Dantex Industries (UK).
Products Dantex is high-quality equipment with advanced technical solutions. Brand Dantex includes both simple household machines, as well as complex of industrial air conditioning systems, ventilation and heating.
By creating a particular type of equipment, the manufacturer puts the main purpose to release a quality product for best value, for the buyer who wants a normal household air conditioner or heater, as well as for a major builder, choosing advanced technologies and reliable equipment in the residential sector, social and industrial construction. Today, the trademark Dantex, is a popular and recognized in many countries. Sales of Dantex HVAC equipment is growing each year. Dantex Industries - created a robust climatic equipment in a segment of "Good quality - the average price."
DANTEX BALTIC is interested in expanding the geography of its activities and invites to active cooperation.